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AMIRA Security Systems Inc. (ASSI) offers specialized education and training services tailored for your specific law enforcement, security, and military needs, including counter-terrorism, force protection, leadership development and capacity building. Our General Security services entail:

  • Intelligence and analysis.
  • High-Threat Executive Awareness Training (HEAT).
  • Pre-deployment.
  • Force protection.
  • Firearms and marksmanship.
  • Basic and advanced driver.
  • High-risk live fire.
  • Basic and advanced executive protection.
  • Counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency.
  • Medical.
  • Maritime security.
  • Off-road driver.
  • Policing missions.
  • High-threat protection.
  • Peacekeeping and policing missions.
  • Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT).
  • Special weapons and tactics training for law enforcement.
  • Customized exercise planning and support.
  • Comprehensive exercise scenarios (post-action reporting, logistics, oversight mechanism and more).
  • Learning experiences designed for simulation and virtual training (including vehicle simulators, M4 Firearm Training Simulator etc.)
  • Facilities for scenario based training (urban operations, ship-boarding, ballistic houses, driving tracks, explosive ranges etc.)
  • Tailored training courses at the site of your choice.
  • Personalized train the trainer courses.

The Difference
Our multiagency coordination makes our general security services especially relevant and meaningful. Focused on improving your military leadership and management edge, we focus on real-life scenarios that accurately mimic operations, environments and tasks. To create an immersive experience, we customize our solutions to your needs while capitalizing on the best international techniques and methods. We also use the latest technology, curriculum, theories, practices and instructional design for added effectiveness.

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