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AMIRA Security Systems Inc. (ASSI) provides protective, security and mission support services to governments, embassies, military bases, and private sector commercial clients in the MENA region and worldwide. Our Enabling Development Missions services extend to:

Plumbing Television Installation, vehicle, swimming pool, gym, grounds, elevator, & hydraulic system maintenance Power generation, fuel storage, and distribution Water production, storage, purification, and distribution Critical infrastructure Transportation services Security system installation and maintenance Solid waste management and recycling Fire alarm and suppression systems Wastewater management and sanitation systems Grounds design Parking lots, sidewalks and roads HVAC and HAZMAT management Cleaning and repairs
Restoration and renovation Master planning Land use Housing Offices Expeditionary base development Permanent development Horizontal development
Risk assessment Security services High-treat and large-scale facilities' risk management Journey management QRF support Infield transportation
Security and risk management for aviation, mobile and infrastructure Systems integration Security training and mentoring
Infrastructure support (power for flight simulator etc.) Sourcing fuel and other material Classroom support Maintenance

The Difference
We address your operational challenges during conflict and post-conflict via our thorough understanding of your mission and reliable, cost-effective and flexible support. Focused on performance excellence, we help your mission succeed via our services and by maintaining strategic and solid relationships with tribes, law enforcement agencies, the military, and ministries.

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