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About Us

AMIRA Security Systems Inc. (ASSI) is an industry leader providing a comprehensive array of reliable general security, logistics, life support, and administrative services for volatile and unpredictable countries and war zones, without sacrificing compliance with host nations. Your safety is paramount and is the catalyst behind our success. We empower you with solutions that address your requirements and yield the targeted results you need via our strong physical presence worldwide and in the MENA region, multi-disciplinary team, IT expertise, experienced public relation officers, and ability to bridge cultures.

To ensure you get high caliber services at all times, we are dedicated to attention to details, recruitment, selection, deployment and training processes that enhance operational effectiveness, heighten safety, mitigate risk, and ensure optimal teamwork. Via strict quality assurance, quality control (QAQC) and health, safety and environment (HSE) policies and procedures, we maintain our superior standards.

Our services are grounded in real situations and evolve with the world's rapidly shifting socio-economic and political scenes, making them practical, impactful, and indispensable. We use our understanding of the nature of your business operations, as well as governmental and community dynamics, to offer solutions that make a tangible difference. Each of our specialized capabilities provides you with the added advantage because of our knowledge of your domestic arena, your critical missions and language, in addition to our on-the-ground presence, wide array of operational partners, and solid public relations with governmental agencies, entities and community circles.


Effective leadership is evident in how we work and is central to our top management. Since we work in war zones, frontier and high risk markets, and unstable countries, our management reacts promptly to overcome challenges. New and creative techniques are regularly implemented to ensure the highest quality standards at all times in all our contracts, despite all odds. This is why our quality assurance, quality control (QAQC) and health, safety and environment (HSE) policies and procedures are so thorough and are always refined. We also invest in the best and most suitable IT solutions. The members of our team are trained regularly so they are at the forefront of the latest advances and trends. We believe that "leading means serving" and hence our management take active steps to deliver excellence while serving you.

Lawrence Kayablian / CEO

As the CEO of AMIRA, Mr. Lawrence Kayablian brings to the forefront two decades of experience in a vast range of project finance and development operations in numerous sectors such as energy, utilities and telecommunications. Over the years he has successfully handled key merger and acquisition projects on behalf of a number of companies. Because of his work, his business network spans many international entities such as multilateral lending agencies, public sector agencies, international corporations, and various investor bases. From an Iraqi industrial family with decades of business experience, especially in steel and manufacturing, he was raised in an environment that sharpened his leadership skills. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Baghdad University, Iraq, and is fluent in English and Arabic.

Arman Kayablian / COO

As the COO of AMIRA, Mr. Arman Kayablian brings to the stage 15 years of experience in a wide range of project finance and development operations in diverse sectors such as energy, utilities, telecommunications, and industrial energy solutions. His in-depth technology experience has added to the efficiency and success track record of AMIRA while his dedication to success has been central to motivating and inspiring the team. From an Iraqi industrial family with decades of business experience, especially in steel and manufacturing, he was raised in an environment that honed his leadership skills. He holds a BBA from the George Washington University School of Business (Washington D.C.) in International Business and is fluent in English and Arabic.

Ethics & Values

Ethics and values are at the core of AMIRA Security Systems Inc. (ASSI). They guide us to be your team of choice. They define how we innovatively find ways to deliver quality services and products under the most austere conditions in war zones and frontier and high risk markets and how we bridge the gap between cultural differences. They also shape how we serve you, the DOD, the US State Department, governments, and the private sector, in the MENA and worldwide so you can focus on your main mission. Our corporate culture and KPIs are firmly entrenched in compliance, dependability, transparency, quality, leadership, and commitment.

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